Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mom says I'm "Uncooperative"

This will be my second year appearing on Mom and Dad's Christmas Cards. However, Mom spent a lot of time talking about me being 'uncooperative'. Whatever that means.
By the way, this was my best pose for the 2007 Holiday Greeting Card.
I call it, "Look at my sad face, and send me lots of stuffies this holiday season!"

Ha, Ha! We puggles are so sneaky!!

1 comment:

Preston said...

Yeah!! so glad that your mommy got your blog all set up! we can see more of you from now on! I miss ya! wow..you have grown quite a bit! (so have I! hee hee) dont worry about the sad face. You are not alone. My mommy could never get a happy-faced picture of me inside the house.
welcome to the world of blogging. see you later, gotta go tell all my puggle friends about your new blog!