Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stop taking my picture...

Leave me alone! Can't you see I'm watching football with Daddy!


CoCo said...

I know what you mean Mugsy! My Mama is the paparrazzi in disguise. She has snapped so many pictures of me to where I've learned to look away when I see that thing. Lucky for me, she has learned to use the camera to where it doesn't flash first year of life was tough with all those flashes!


Preston said...

I am such a loser...I gave in and posed for xmas photos because Mommy brought out my biggest weakness.."pup-peroni" I would do anything she said for that. shame on me..but I couldn't help it.Pup-peroni is wayyy too yummy.


Miss Kylie said...

Hi Mugsy, My name is Kylie and I came across your blog from our friend Preston. I really like the pictures of you on your site. What is with these humans and ALWAYS wanting to take our pictures! You'll have to check out my website to see the one they picked for our holiday card!
Hope to be friends!